My First Birthday

In the blink of an eye, I entered the lives of my loving family, bringing immeasurable joy and love on 28th May. The first few months of my life were filled with wonder and discovery. As I grew older, I transformed from a sleepy newborn into an active explorer, constantly on the move. With each passing month, I discovered the world with wide-eyed wonder. Trips to the park became my favorite, where I would gleefully swing and slide, experiencing the thrill of new sensations. Throughout this incredible year, my family and I shared boundless love and laughter. We formed a bond that is unbreakable, and together we navigated the ups and downs with grace.


As I turned two years old, a world of endless possibilities awaited me. Being two meant I was determined to master new skills. I enthusiastically tackled challenges, whether it was learning to walk steadily on my own or feeding myself with a spoon. My ability to communicate blossomed. I eagerly absorbed new words and phrases, stringing them together to express my thoughts and desires. I embraced the joy of friendships and interactions with other children. Playdates and visits to the playground became opportunities for me to navigate social situations, share toys, and learn the art of cooperation.

Journey of Growth

At the age of three, my curiosity lit brighter than ever before. I constantly sought answers to my endless stream of questions, as I dived headfirst into the realms of knowledge and understanding. My voice became a powerful tool for self-expression. I learned to articulate my thoughts, feelings and desires with increasing clarity. I took delight in counting, identifying colors and shapes, and engaging in hands-on activities that ignite my imagination and stimulate my cognitive development.

Journey of Wonder

I joyfully celebrated my fourth birthday knowing that my mom was a wonderful chef. The year was marred by an epidemic called Covid 19 due to which there was a complete lockdown in the Country. That’s when my mom prepared a homemade cake of my favorite character – Spiderman.

At four, I embraced the wonders of imagination, knowledge, and self-expression by reading books, participating in interactive activities, and engaging in conversations, I delved into a multitude of subjects—from dinosaurs and outer space to art and history.

Navigating Loss

On my fifth birthday, my heart carried a mixture of joy and sorrow. This was a time of growth, learning, and precious memories. However, it was also marked by the heartbreaking loss of my beloved grandfather.

Before my fifth birthday, I had the privilege of experiencing the unconditional love and warmth of my grandfather. He was a pillar of strength, always there to offer guidance, support, and endless affection. Our shared moments of laughter, storytelling, and valuable life lessons created an unbreakable bond that continues to shape me. The sudden loss of my grandfather deeply impacted my young heart. The sadness and confusion overwhelmed me as I struggled to comprehend the concept of death. Emotions such as sorrow, anger, and emptiness swirled within me, leaving me with a sense of loss and longing for his presence.

Anticipation and Excitement

As I grew older, my curiosity expanded beyond the boundaries of my immediate surroundings. I yearned to explore the wider world, whether through books, documentaries, or immersive experiences. I discovered different cultures, faraway lands, and extraordinary creatures, fueling my imagination and nurturing a sense of global understanding. The world becomes a tapestry of infinite possibilities. I eagerly delved into various subjects, from science and history to literature and mathematics. I embraced the joy of learning, discovering new concepts, and expanding my understanding of the world. Every day brought an opportunity to explore, question, and uncover the wonders that lie within the realms of knowledge.

Just Joking in Digital Age

First of all, I have to admit that I love teasing my parents by cheekily saying that I was just joking when they get a little annoyed with what I ask and speak.

In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that the world is transforming digitally at a rapid pace. I’ve become quite the fan of YouTube and Netflix, where I can watch all sorts of entertaining videos and kids shows. Speaking of videos, I’ve started my own adventure on the internet too! I have an Instagram account where I upload my own videos and share moments from my life – be it playing piano tunes, solving Rubik’s cube or interviews with my father. It’s so exciting to connect with others and share my experiences with them. But that’s not all—I’ve also discovered a love for writing. I’ve started writing my own stories, and my parents gifted me a website in my name where I can publish and share my stories with the world. Life keeps getting more interesting – each day there’s so much to explore, learn, and create.

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