Damid’s Adventure

Hello, I’m Damid, though I’m about 80 or so—I lost count of my birthdays. Let’s forget what I said earlier. Now, let me share a story I’ve longed to tell someone. Back when I was 11, I lived in a busy city where everyone rushed through their lives without talking.

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The haunted house

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Brucy. He was a plump, elderly man with short legs and arms. Despite his poverty, he was kindhearted and curious, always eager to help others. Brucy was on the lookout for a job when he stumbled upon a resort named Troop.

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Antry the Bullet Ant

Once upon a time, there lived a bullet ant named Antry. She was a big, fat, 4 inches long and a dark black ant. Antry had three loyal friends: Flee the fly, Cricky the cricket, and Termee the termite.

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A Trip to a Farm

Once upon a time there lived two brothers named Tony and Wony. They were adventurous and curious lads. One sunny morning, the brothers woke up and decided to pay a visit to the farm near their Nani’s house which was in a small village named Dhani.

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